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Four hardwood flooring FAQs

If you need the best wood floors for any remodel, you?ll undoubtedly have plenty of questions before you buy a single product. The good news is that it?s easy to find the answers you?re looking for when you know where to look.

Understanding these products is the best way to find your perfect flooring match. So, here are four questions about hardwood flooring, along with their answers.

1. Can I have pet-friendly hardwood flooring?

If you have pets and want wood flooring, you'll be happy to know you can easily combine the two. Be sure to ask about the suitable species, texture, and finish for wood floors that will last for years.

2. Are hardwood floors durable?

Wood floors can be as durable as you need them to be, especially when you choose the right attributes. For example, choose the hardest species and a surface texture that hides signs of light wear that often comes with indoor pets.

3. How long does wood flooring last?

With professional installation and regular care, your new hardwood flooring could last more than 100 years. But first, ask about cleaning requirements and using area rugs in high-traffic areas.

4. Do all hardwood products need acclimation?

When you visit our hardwood flooring store, you'll find that all hardwood materials need acclimation before installation. Acclimation ensures the best results, with no fear of warping, splitting, or other damage.

Please find out more about wood floors at our showroom

When you shop at Wills Flooring, you'll find an incredible inventory of materials that will serve your needs well. We take pride in our experience and complete dedication to your flooring needs, however large or small.

When you need the best hardwood flooring in Lynwood, WA, visit our showroom. Our service areas include Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Edmonds, Shoreline, and Bothell, WA.
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