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Floor Refinish


Make Your Floors Look Like New

Make your floors look like new with floor refinishing from Wills Flooring
Refinish of hardwood floors - this is our profession, when it comes to refinishing of your flooring, we could loudly say that we know everything about this process. We've had years of experience in different types of hardwood flooring.

We have a professional dustless sanding system that allows us to reach smoothest results in refinishing hardwood floors.

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Buff Re-Coat

Buff re-coat from Wills Flooring in Lynnwood, WA
The process is prepared by a very light sanding called screening or Buff and Re-Coating. A buff and re-coat simply restores the polyurethane coating to its initial thickness, providing all the protection and beauty of the original flooring but for the new coat of polyurethane to adhere to the existing coat.

Complete Sand Refinish

Comlete sand refinish from Wills Flooring in Lynnwood, WA
The first step in this process is taking off any finish, stain and wax with the use of heavy-duty sanding equipment. Second step is matching wood filler that is applied to fill any gaps, cracks, or nail holes. After sanding, you may then keep the natural color of the wood or choose a stain of your choice. The last step involves applying several coats of durable and protective finish to your desired sheen level (gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte.