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Floor Refinish


Make your floors look like new with hardwood refinishing

Make your floors look like new with floor refinishing from Wills Flooring
Hardwood floors are a classic beauty in homes, they accentuate homes with traditional style as well as be transformed to modern and contemporary styles. They are worth the investment for either your forever home or making the floors newly beautiful after purchasing a home!

Over time, due to high traffic they become quite worn and scuffed which is not very uncommon. These situations can easily be remedied with floor refinishing and restoration, bringing them back to their original brand-new look. All cracks, scratches, and other blemishes can be sanded and refinished for fresh floors.

A damaged floor doesn't always necessarily mean a re-installation is necessary. We can assess the state of your floor and help you determine if floor refinishing is possible, no matter the type of hardwood flooring you have.

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Lower cost than installing new wood

Buff re-coat from Wills Flooring in Lynnwood, WA
Refinishing your hardwood floors will cut the cost compared to removing the existing and installing new floors.

Keep it quick and easy

Comlete sand refinish from Wills Flooring in Lynnwood, WA
If you’re seeing scratches and the floors are beginning to look very worn. All that means is the protective layer has done its time and needs a quick refinish.