Keep your carpet looking new for a long time

Carpet adds warmth and elegance to a home. Modern technology has resulted in expanded color palettes and more patterns, as well as superior durability and stain resistance, and those advances just keep coming.

For you, the consumer, that means there’s virtually something to fit every budget, lifestyle, and decor.

As we say at Wills Flooring, flooring isn't what we dobut, rather, it’s who we are. We’ll walk you through the process every step of the way, whether you’re looking for carpet or hardwood, LVT, tile, stone, or laminate flooring.

Our showroom is in Lynnwood, Washington. We service Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Edmonds, Shoreline, and Bothell. Feel free to come in to see us.

Maintain your carpet

  1. Don’t skimp on professional cleaning. Vacuuming should be done several times a week, but only professional deep cleaning gets deep into the fibers to clean them.

    Dirt and sand are like small razor blades; they can cut and fray fibers, not to mention your carpet will look dull and matted from the "sticky" dirt. Don't wait until the rug looks dirty; a lot of times something can be dirty, but it isn't visible. Schedule a professional cleaning at least every 18 months but more often if you have a lot of heavy foot traffic or pets, or if your warranty requires.

    Should you try to clean it yourself? No, because those rental steam machines don’t have the kind of power to do the job well enough. Also, all stains aren’t the same, so some may require different soaps and not only may they not remove the stain, but even cause some harm to the fiber. You also don’t want to air dry; powerful, professional fans do the job quickly so mold doesn’t start growing.

  2. Don’t skimp on padding. This protects the carpet and keeps the installation free of wrinkles and rolls.
  3. Change vacuum bags and filters regularly, otherwise, it’ll lose power and may not clean well.
  4. Keeps mats by entrances. This will allow people to wipe their feet (or, if possible, remove their shoes), rather than tracking mud in the rest of the house.

    If you wipe spills immediately, don’t allow stains to set, and follow the above guidelines, you’ll have your rug for years to come.

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