Are you a contractor?

Will’s Flooring knows that business relationships are vital to growing a successful business. We'll find the products you and your clients are looking for, ensure that shipments sourced quickly and schedule the closest delivery or will call, provide specification sheets, and much more. This makes it even more imperative that the builder is armed with a tool to take care of the client, but also maintain a competitive edge in the industry. This has prompted the release of an unprecedented discount program exclusively for contractors. We’re a full-service dealer offering all of today’s latest floor coverings in carpet, vinyl plank, hardwoods, tile & stone as well as countertops, rugs and runners. We excel at handling any size job - from custom homes to smaller remodel projects. We also offer guaranteed installation on all floor covering products we sell. Receive automatic price reductions on thousands of products!

Contractor services:

  • A dedicated team to place your orders and answer questions
  • In stock products
  • Job site delivery
  • Free design consult services for special order material
  • Better pricing on flooring material, tile and accessories



We're here to help

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Why should you choose us?

  • PROTECTING YOUR PRICING — We know you are in business to earn a profit. We sell to all our contractors at a very competitive wholesale price and will always protect our relationship with you.
  • WE VALUE RELATIONSHIPS — They are the building blocks of good business.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE — We work as a team. Anyone of our team members will meet your flooring needs. Whether its a standard floor to install or a custom floor.
  • WE LISTEN — We make sure we know the three basic decision-making criteria, durability, price, and style. We shoot for a home run every time.
  • DESIGN ADVICE — Homeowners can struggle finding a vision, which can lead to unhappy customers. We have an informed eye. That’s what we are here for.
  • EDUCATION — Clients have questions, we have answers. We want them to feel good about their purchase.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS — We have a wide range of materials and almost any price point. We can help build the best project for your client.