Quartz and marble countertops


Ultimate elegance: quartz and marble countertops

Quartz and marble are popular countertops, but there seem to be some misconceptions, so we'll give you the facts.

At Wills Flooring, we aren’t just about selling a product. We want to help you feather your nest, to make your home the house of your dreams. When you’re satisfied, we’re satisfied. While we do carry a full inventory of flooring that includes tile, stone, hardwood, carpet, luxury vinyl, and laminate, we’ll also fabricate countertops.

We carry products from an exceptional manufacturer: Pental Quartz, who’s Crema Chiffon line is well-known for design beauty, as well as Greenguard certification for producing materials with low chemical emissions.

Our showroom is in Lynnwood, Washington. We service Lynnwood, Mill Creek, Edmonds, Shoreline, and Bothell.

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Quartz countertops: Plenty of design options

Most quartz countertops that you see are engineered. Although they are comprised of 95 percent pure quartz, they often include five percent of some other minerals.

This manufacturing process makes it more durable, stain-resistant, and non-porous than some other stones.

One example of the benefit of manufacturing is that it offers a greater choice of edging possibilities because it is more flexible than some of its all-natural counterparts. It can, therefore, held in place by using glue and epoxy, as opposed to the typical screws needed with some.

Combine that with the large color palette and a stunning backsplash and you have a glamorous kitchen!

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They are:

  • Non-porous and easier to clean. They don’t absorb stains, and will not harbor bacteria and viruses, making food preparation a little safer.
  • Strong.Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, these will stand up to household products and oils, but they can be damaged from excessive heat. Don’t place hot pots and pans on them or put them in direct sunlight where they’ll change colors.
  • Easy to care for. They're scratch and stain-resistant and don't need sealants, routine cleaning with a stone-safe, non-abrasive product.

About marble

It’s a myth that marble is too difficult to care for. Yes, it is softer than other stones which make it more prone to scratching and staining, but as long as you have them sealed regularly and use coasters and trivets, there’s no reason to deprive you of this beauty.

  • Marble is more affordable than you might think. It’s in so many quarries around the globe that there are levels and prices for everyone.
  • Sometimes marble can look better and have more character with some subtle wearing; much as face wrinkles can tell a story, so can light etching.
  • It never loses value; will always be classic and timeless.

When properly maintained, both, the epitome of opulence, will last for a lifetime.