Experience the Will's difference

Our designers and installers know the importance of listening to and getting to know you and your family’s unique needs. Our professionals stay on top of current trends and products to guide you through the design and installation process and ultimately achieve a beautiful and practical flooring you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Our proven and painless four-step process

Find the perfect materials for your project and enjoy professional installation by the area’s #1 flooring team. While our entire project with you is unique – from selecting materials to drawing up designs – we use a proven four-step process to ensure perfection on every project.

1. Showroom consultation

Come in for a casual conversation with one of our flooring experts. Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as we explore your project and talk about your budget, home, and design preferences. Understanding both your aesthetic style and the function of the room you’re remodeling helps our team recommend the materials that will best serve you and your lifestyle. While we’re talking about material options, you can see and touch different samples to imagine how they’ll look and feel in your home.

2. Design and planning

Once we’re confident we know the details about your remodeling project and design preferences, we’ll prepare a design and estimate to meet your life and your budget. We’ll show you samples of the materials we recommend, and a member of our design team will visit your home to take measurements to ensure our quote is as accurate as possible. This process can take a few meetings as we incorporate your feedback and explore our options, but when it comes to design, we opt for a measure-twice-cut-once approach so we select the perfect flooring for your home

3. Pre-installation

Once we’ve landed on a design that you’re happy with, we’ll visit your home one more time to take final measurements before we order materials. Depending on what flooring you select we’ll work closely with you to ensure the materials are delivered at a time that works with your schedule. We’ll use that time to prepare a drawing of any the electrical or plumbing operations in your room to respect the integrity of your home throughout the installation process. Finally, we’ll stay in touch to keep you updated as the delivery date approaches, which we typically schedule for either the day before or the day of the installation.

4. Installation

Our team will arrive on site first thing in the morning to complete your installation as quickly and respectfully as possible. The last thing you’ll want to do after installation is clean your home. We will treat your space as if it were our own, wearing the appropriate clothing to keep the elements outside and cleaning up any dust or debris that results from the installation process. Depending on the size of your remodel, installation can take three to four days, but we’ll work with you in advance to ensure that timeframe works for you.